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Nursing in Ireland

Nurses are in high demand all over the world. Ireland is no exception. Ireland is a country the size of Kerala and is inhabited by approx. 5 million people. Official language is English.

The healthcare system in Ireland is considered to be a comprehensive system with a public health service funded by the government and an expanding private health careservice.

Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) is the regulatory board that overseas nursing regulations in Ireland. According to Statista, he number of nursing staff employed decreased from 39 thousand in 2007 to approximately 34.2 thousand in 2013. Subsequently, it increased reaching approximately 37.9 thousand employees in 2019.

Indian nurses who meet the licensure criteria set by NMBI can work as registered nurse in many of the hospitals, care homes, or old age homes in Ireland. The registration criteria for overseas nurses are mentioned below.

Nursing Requirements to Register as Nurse in Ireland.


Overall 7. Writing 6.5, Reading 7, Listening 7, Speaking 7.

Application Fees

Overseas Application Fee: 350
Overseas Registration Fee: 145

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Meet the Ireland Registration Criteria

  • Hold a current registration, or licence without restriction, with the competent authority in the country in which you qualified or have been practising
  • If you completed your nurse/midwifery Registration education programme more than five years prior to the date of application, you must have practiced for at least 12 months during that five year period.
  • Meet English language requirements
  • Have completed extra courses leading to registration as a first level nurse, if you hold the following qualifications:
  • Receive Decision letter from NMBI
  • Complete adaptation/ aptitude test
  • Apply for registration

Nurse Jobs in Ireland

The demand for nurse jobs in abroad is quite high. Many nurses from India aim to secure a job in foreign countries. If you are also aspiring to work as a nurse in Ireland, we can help. You can get in touch with us to know more about the nursing jobs in Ireland for foreign nurses.

The nursing jobs in Ireland are open to all overseas nurses in all disciplines. Mostly general nurses are required in addition to mental health nurses, learning disability nurses, midwifery, and paediatric nurses. Most of our tie-ups are with Irish hospitals and nursing homes.

You can register with us and upload your CV to apply for nursing jobs in Ireland for foreigners. We have a dedicated team at your support who can help with CV preparation and suggestions on interview techniques for personnel interviews. We also offer assistance for NMBI document completion and application for VISA.

Let’s have a look at step wise process for overseas nurses applying for nursing jobs in Ireland for Indians:

The candidate uploads their CV with us.

  • Our agency sets up an online interview with the candidate.
  • If the aspirant has not yet applied for the IELTS, we advise them to appear for the exam.
  • If the candidate has not yet applied to NMBI agency, we advise them to apply for the same.
  • The candidate makes the NMBI application and pays the fee. Then NMBI sends out the full application form to the candidate.
  • All sections of the form must be completed and returned to NMBI.
  • After securing  the desired IELTS, we set up an applicant’s interview with clients.
  • Our agency helps in preparing the candidate for the interview.
  • If the candidate performs credibly in the  interview, and the candidate is selected, they receive an offer letter.
  • We help the candidate in completing all documentation required by our client.
  • After the candidate receives decision letter from NMBI, our agency books candidate’s adaptation in one of approved facilities in Ireland or book anclinical exam via the RCSI.
  • Agency then applies for the candidate certificate.
  • Agency also applies for the Atypical VISA for the candidate.
  • We help the candidate in applying for entry VISA in their own country.
  • We also help in booking flight and assisting with accommodation, if required.
  • The candidate will begin adaptation in approved facilities in Ireland or clinical exam at RCSI.
  • After the successful completion of adaptation, they begin working with the client as a pre-registered nurse.
  • The candidate receives a pin within 2 weeks from NMBI.
  • We also help our client in applying for candidate’s work permit if required.
  • We contact the candidate within 4 weeks to make sure that they are satisfied with the placement.

When applying for nursing jobs in Ireland, you must have at least 1 years of experience, and you must have completed your IELTS to become eligible for the interview.

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